The Broadcasting System of Tonle FM 102.5MHz

The System of Tonle Radio Staion has broadcasting stronger than Before three times.
The Satellite system DTV is a system that all of the listenners who live in Local and oversea can be hear the original with clearly natural sounds.
You might be listen our program through Tonle FM Website:
You might be listening our program by using the telephone system of Metfone and you can hear without earphone.
In recently, we can have ability to broadcasting by using DAB (Digital system of audio broadcasting) in order to live as HDFM.

Radio Equipment

Our equipment are hight qualitysuch as :

Omnia 11 is the world leader in Audio Processing

The top of the line Omnia 11 has been designed from the ground up to put FM Radio on par with the sonic integrrity of all modern competitive media feeds and playback options, white retaining -and actually improving the capabillty of presenting our station with unperalleled dial impact and loudness on the FM band.

FlexStar® HDx

The FlexStar® HDx exciter delivers unrivaled performance and an impressive feature set. One of the most advanced HD Radio™ exciters ever invented, the FlexStar HDx system is also the world’s first tri-mode exciter — capable of handling HD, analog FM, or FM+HD simultaneously. For HD Radio implementation, award-winning HDE-200 embedded HD Radio exporter is required.

Harris, World Leader in Digital Transmission

Harris proudly presents a new dimension in FM trans- mitters with solid-state reliability and performance at the price of vacuum tube technology.Includes the field-proven Harris DIGIT®CD Digital FM Exciter with built-in DSP stereo generator. As the world’s first and most popular all-digital FM exciter, the Harris DIGIT CD accepts AES3 digital audio and generates the fully modulated RF carrier totally in the digital domain for the lowest noise and distortion available in any FM transmitter (16 bit digital audio quality).

Country Coverage

Power Handling :10Kw

Coverage Area